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A box full of joy and relaxation: 12 unique bath bombs with different scents and colours

Add a splash of colour to your bath

A relaxing bath session is not complete without a XAXU bath bomb! Our twelve bath bombs spread a lovely scent and tranform your bath to a celebration.

Twelve unique scents, each with its own effect

XAXU offers twelve delicious scents, each scent and bath bomb is unique. These scents will help you relax, each in its own way and with a different effect.

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  • Calming effect

    This is your moment: with XAXU, you will relax your body and mind through our delicious scents that each have a specific purpose that will contribute
  • We care

    By using the right ingredients we try to be as sustainable as possible. XAXU aims to use as many natural ingredients as possible and is strongly against animal testing
  • The perfect Gift

    Treat yourself or a loved one! With this colourful box full of unique bath bombs, it's the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one
  • Quality in a box

    By using the right ingredients, we ensure that we offer quality products to our customers